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A Next-Generation Decentralized Options Contract Protocol

“Derivatives made for everyone”

DeltaDex is a next-generation decentralized options contract protocol that allows users to replicate any option contract. Users can choose from an assortment of different option hedging models in order to create the option contract of their choice.

The current model of AMM based options contract protocols in the DeFi space relies on liquidity providers in order to be able to ensure the payout of “in the money” option contracts purchased on the platform. Not only is this capital inefficient, but this also poses a significant financial risk to the liquidity providers of these protocols if the parameters of the option pricing model of the protocol deviate from realized market conditions.

In contrast, DeltaDex allows users to replicate any option contract on-chain with any chosen parameters. Option replication is achieved by delta hedging the underlying ERC20 token on Uniswap so that the payoff profile of the user’s portfolio matches that of the target option contract.

Additionally, DeltaDex gives liquidity providers on Uniswap the ability to hedge against impermanent loss.

DeltaDex intends to provide a decentralized, permissionless protocol for replicating the payoff profile for any option contract or derivative.

We at DeltaDex are excited to be building the future of decentralized finance.

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Twitter: DeltaDex

GitHub: DeltaDex-Protocol

Telegram: delta_dex